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Our Story

          Dr. Workman founded Walnut Creek Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in 2004 to deliver one-on-one care to active patients of all ages. He has mastered the art and science of Orthopedic Surgery and Orthopedic Sports Medicine over the course of almost three decades devoted to his profession: he has performed over 10,000 surgical procedures and continually strives to acquire new knowledge and refine his surgical techniques. Additionally, while expertise is critical to providing exceptional care, Dr. Workman also realizes individualized treatment for each patient focused on their unique needs is equally important. Because of this, Dr. Workman insists on seeing and providing medical care for each individual patient himself, and he alone provides his patients with their treatment and care, whether during an office visit, in the operating room, or by returning a call from a concerned patient after hours. In caring for his patients, Dr. Workman relies on his team of exceptionally capable, compassionate, responsive, and friendly office staff who always answer the phone and create a nurturing office environment for all of our patients. This wonderful team of care providers makes scheduling appointments, obtaining further imaging studies, coordinating physical therapy appointments, getting insurance authorizations, and scheduling surgery as seamless as possible. As a Sports Medicine specialist, Dr. Workman treats the entire patient, and does not limit care to one or two joints: he realizes that an injury or issue with one body part can affect many others, and has always opened his practice to see anyone with musculoskeletal issues or complaints. He enjoys working with his patients to develop treatment plans that recognize people are active and complex, and his priority is helping people who have been slowed or sidelined by pain and injury get back to doing what they love. 

          There is no telling what tender age Dr. Workman decided to play pro baseball, but at 15 he decided to become an orthopedic surgeon. Then at 18, Dr. Workman enrolled at UC Berkeley with the dual goal of making it into medical school and professional baseball. Ambitious for anyone, but particularly for a kid whose admission to Berkeley was through athletics, where he remained a walk-on non-scholarship athlete for most of his career! Nonetheless, Dr. Workman worked hard both on the field and in the classroom, never taking for granted the opportunity he was given to be a student-athlete at Cal. And this hard work was rewarded: as he neared the end of his time at Cal he was accepted into multiple medical schools and was selected in two successive years in the MLB draft. Mission accomplished!

          Delaying a choice between these two competing careers, Dr. Workman applied for and was granted a two-year deferral to medical school, allowing him to sign a contract with the California Angels and try his hand at pro baseball. His foray into the minor leagues proved to be an amazing and unforgettable experience. But as his second baseball season with the Angels drew to a close, and with it the expiration of his medical school deferment, Dr. Workman had to choose for the first time in his life between baseball and medicine. This decision was a tough one to make at the time, but he committed at that moment to enrolling in medical school and becoming a physician.

          Some thirty years after he made this life-altering decision, Dr. Workman can clearly see his choice to leave baseball put him on the path to his true life’s calling. Since starting medical school in 1990, through each successive step of his training, and continuing on to the present day with his ongoing efforts to stay abreast of changes in the field and spearhead efforts to improve techniques and ideas in his chosen career, Dr. Workman is continually reminded of his love for what he does. His passion for caring for his patients as a physician and Orthopedic Surgeon only continues to grow, and even after all these years, he feels like he is just getting started. Being an Orthopedic Surgeon is truly in his bones. Dr. Workman hopes he can help his patients stay active and thrive along with him for decades to come!

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