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Dr. Triathlete

Summer races have been in full swing up and down the golden coast, and Dr. Workman has been taking advantage of the competition! From triathlons to mountain bike races, Dr. Workman loves spending time outdoors and participating in both friendly and fierce races.

In June, Dr. Workman competed in the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon in the San Francisco Bay. A historic and culturally immersed race, the athletes begin at the island inhabited by Alcatraz and end at Crissy Field settled just below the Golden Gate Bridge. Dr. Workman's family was there to cheer him and familiar faces on throughout the course; it's such a fun event for NorCalifornians.

In July, Dr. Workman competed in the Goleta Triathlon with his daughter Emma, who is on the triathlon club at the University of Michigan. Racing with your family is indisputably more competitive than racing with your friends, and plenty of boasts were thrown around before the race, but when both Workmans crossed the finish line peace was restored; mainly because Emma placed higher in her age group than her Dad.

Triathlons have a lot to offer beyond the athletic challenges; they test your limitations and push your mental toughness to rewarding feats. Dr. Workman is grateful to be able to push his limits this way and have some fun in the process!

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