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Ironman, x4

A 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile ride, and 26.22-mile run are the three legs of an Ironman triathlon. Ironmans are held around the world across a wide variety of terrains, climates, and courses. Finishing this race and becoming an Ironman or woman is an incredibly impressive achievement of resilience, mental toughness, athleticism, and grit. Ironman California was held this past October 22nd in Sacramento, and Dr. Workman was among the finishers who became Ironmen. In 2021 on the morning of race day, Dr. Workman was at the same starting line in Sacramento ready to compete, but bad weather led to the whole event being canceled. Two years later, with a chip on his shoulder, Dr. Workman completed the course and became an Ironman in his home state. With the help of his LATR triathlon team, coach, friends, and family, Dr. Workman is grateful and proud to once again call himself an Ironman.

With this most recent race, Dr. Workman has completed four Ironman triathlons; the first being 10 years ago in Lake Tahoe, and the others in Arizona and Lake Placid. The lessons Dr. Workman has gained over the past decade of training for and completing Ironman triathlons continuously benefit the knowledge he has about athletes and his practice as a physician.

Dr. Workman finishing Ironman California in 2023.

Dr. Workman with his family after finishing Ironman Lake Tahoe in 2013.

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